And Suddenly You Just Know It’s Time…

And suddenly you just know it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.

As I contemplated what to write for my first ‘official’ blog post, this quote immediately came to mind, as it has guided me through this last year of enormous, exciting, frightening, and fabulous change.

Having been at an agency I love for close to two decades, I am often asked what prompted me to change career paths and to embark upon the course of building my own Private Counseling Practice.  The short answer is, “It was just time…” The longer, and more accurate, response is, “I’m not really was a convergence of many personal insights and my own counseling journey; the recognition that time here is limited for all of us and therefore it’s our own sometimes-frightening responsibility and often-beautiful opportunity to create and follow our dreams; the inspiring courage and resilience I witness each day in my clients; and so much more.”

When I initially felt this dream stirring within me in a real way about a year ago, I thought that I’d see a few clients outside of my agency work at hospice.

So, for many months, I reached out to private practice clinicians ⎯ all of whom were exceedingly generous with their time and wisdom ⎯ and learned more about their experiences. Without fail, each encouraged me to take the leap into private practice, believing in me in ways that will always feel touching and humbling.

To say that it’s involved tremendous hard work and determination is a bold understatement!  While it’s seemed, at times, that the Universe was conspiring against this dream, many, many, MANY MORE people have exhibited such kindness, talent, support, and warmth toward me...and I remain eternally grateful.

Once the reality of the very long hours I already worked settled in, I knew it was time to make a choice... I needed to either abandon this dream or jump in!  Change is rarely easy ⎯ and particularly when it meant, for me, choosing between an agency I continue to adore and believe in ⎯ but I know it was the right time, the right move, and the right path for me.

Every day is such a gift, and I look forward to helping my clients discern their own paths in life.