The Adventure Begins…

Being a ‘careful’ and intentional person, leaving a job I still loved after nearly 2 decades for an “unknown” was both frightening and exhilarating!  I’m filled with such gratitude that this “adventure” has been absolutely amazing so far!  

How lucky to have landed in a beautiful space downtown with two vastly skilled, wise, and experienced clinician ‘office mates’ who have quickly become dear friends and beloved colleagues.  (It doesn’t hurt, either, that one brings an enthusiastic, four-legged, furry therapy dog to work every day!  Or that we are graced with a lovely and sweet community kitty!)
The many clients that have found their way to me so far have proven to be incredibly insightful, hard-working, and committed to their own healing, recovery, and growth.

And, yet, what would an adventure really be without a few ‘glitches’ along the way?  Electronic health records...there are so many from which to choose! Insurance filing...while it’s gone smoothly overall, some still puzzle me!  Tax IDs...!  PLLC…!  Forms and more forms…!  I’ve completed and submitted more paperwork than I ever knew existed until now ⎯ no doubt there is more in my future!

As is so often the case with ‘adventures,’ too, many lovely, kind, and encouraging people have assisted me along the way!  Much like a gracious person who stops to change a flat tire alongside a busy road or direct a lost traveler back to the intended route, they have supported me and have helped me to ‘stay the course,’ assuring me that this is indeed the ‘adventure’ that I was ready for and the ‘adventure’ that was ready for me!

Helping clients navigate new adventures in their own lives ⎯ many of which are deeply painful, traumatic, and challenging paths not of their own making or journeys that they arrived at only after immense and often-uncomfortable self-reflection ⎯ nourishes me and continues to teach me every day.  I remain inspired and awed by their courage, spirit, and resilience.  

Let the adventure continue...